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Interesting week.

So. This week has possibly been the worst for me ever emotionally. BUT things are going to get better. I feel like there has to be an up from here.

Here's the gyst of it:

I had a very serious and heart breaking conversation with Lee, yes yes I know this is so a year ago, but it's still going on and it still drives me fucking crazy. I told him things needed to change and I that I couldn't handle where things were going and we needed to set some boundries as to where our friendship was headed. I told him he needed to pick a side. I told him I was beginning to get confused and it was really hard for me. I couldn't stand the ups and downs. So basically, the conversation went well, and we are still really good friends and everything, we are just trying to separate ourselves a little more.

So that whole situation left me a little upset and it took me a few nights to get over the repercussions that resulted from the conversation. I cried a good bit, so my eyelids are kind of raw, but ultimately, I feel better and I'm beginning to see how good this was for us.

My grandmother is down this week and she is probably the most amazing person ever. She is the sweetest lady in the history of all creation, although she was apparently not so sweet when my mom and her siblings were younger. Haha. She used to say things like "I could just shit a squeelin' worm" when they were bad. And that phrase has always made me laugh really hard.

In other news, about a week ago, I finished the quilt I was making for Lee and it turned out just beautiful. I love it so much.

I am very tired
I think I will take a nap before class.
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