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I miss blonde pretty hair

I look like shit nowadays. My hair is in such bad shape. It's amazing what having a good haircut can do for one's self esteem. I think come June 3 or 4 I will go and get myself a haircut. Oooh yeah...

THe girl sitting next to me has nails that have to be half an inch long, and theya re real. they are perhaps the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.

Finals week has been interesting thus far. Murphy's Law has been kicking me in the ass big time, but I think I will recover. THis is what has happened thus far:

-My wallet was stolen, thereby not allowing me to get into any SCAD buildings before gettng a new ID (thereby not allowing me to do desperately needed photo shoot.
-The ID place closed early the one day I needed to get a new ID
-After I finally got my ID back, when I got aroud to doing the photoshoot, which lasted about 3 hours, I loaded the film wrong, so it was all for nothing.
-Photoscad wouldn't take a check (because that's the only form of tender I have (see first problem))
-I got locked out of my appartment

BUT, god seems to be taking care of me, because I found a key in my unlocked car for my appartment, I had the exact amount of money on my SCAD card, down to the cent, and Mellon could come to the photoshoot again because her class got out of class early.

Anyway. It's finals week, I'm busting my ass.

(the girl next to me is DEFINITELY a robot)
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Does she look like c3p0?
Almost. Only she is DEFINITELY not as cute.
what happened to ur house?
Nothing. I'm just moving because I have too much space and it's too expensive. and I just locked my keys on the inside.
Hot picture, Tarzan.
I laughed heartily at that comment.