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"Every one knows I'm in over my head, over my head..."

So anyway. I guess you guys figured out that I'm done with my summer semester at good ol' armstrong atlantic. Uck. It was pretty fun, but it just wasn't a very fun semester. Pschology and Math aren't exactly walking through a field of daisies. Saved some dollars though, so that's good.

Melissa came down, and so did Nick. We had a good time together.

I think I'm watching the Paris Hilton song video. It's a lot better than I would have guessed, but I don't think that's her voice. I guess I don't really blame her for trying to do something, because she's pretty much famous because she goes to parties and drinks red bull and vodka or something. She hasn't worn a full article of clothing in the entire video though.

So Nick, Lee, Mlss and I ended up going to this irish pub and I got wasted. It was pretty fun trying to direct Melissa to my house from down town while Nick was yelling drucken expressions in our ears.

SO anyway. That really was a lot of fun.

My boing life.
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